The Kornerstone Real Estate management team offers quality services which include: web-based accounting, in-house services and seasoned managers to service any property management need. Big or small, each client receives the same amount of hands-on attention from our team.

  • All employment, income and previous landlords will be checked and verified
  • Detailed credit histories will be obtained for each prospective tenant as well as criminal background check.

Kornerstone will manage the paying of bills related to clients’ properties out of their rental revenue and provide our clients a monthly income statement detailing their properties’ performance for the month.

We scrutinize bills for accuracy and handle the resolution of billing discrepancies. We also do an annual expense audit for our clients and look for ways to minimize expenses and where appropriate put services out for competitive bid.

Our books are professionally managed reflecting detailed monthly balance statements and a summary of money in and out with attached invoices.
At year’s end we deliver a detailed financial statement to simplify your tax filing for your property portfolios.
We will always notify the land lord/ lady before we do any Repairs.