Protect the value of your property investment with Konastones Commercial Property Management.There is a strong relationship between rental property profitability and the retention of responsible tenants.
We minimize tenant turnover and its resulting leasing and vacancy expense by developing strong landlord tenant relationships based on expeditious response to tenant concerns and cheerful customer service.

Kornerstone provides professional, worry-free management.

When it is necessary to completely follow through on an eviction action, we manage every step of the process, including referring a real estate attorney well versed in the real estate matters to represent our clients in court. We take all necessary steps to ensure whenever a tenant
is leaving due to either lease expiration or eviction that the unit is aggressively advertised to minimize lost revenue due to vacancy.

Oversight of Smooth transition when tenant closes the business. Make sure that all general maintenance is kept on the building including:
A. Electrical, and plumbing systems
B. Landscaping
C. Cleaning
D. Gardening
E. Assessment of equipment condition.